Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Product review- Havens Sweet Scents

Havens Sweet Scents is exactly that.. a Haven! I was lucky enough to test her citrus explosion soap and her lavender lotion. The sample size of soap that I received lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. I used it every day for a week and there was still a small sliver left, which I'm using to help make my bath smell Normally I shy away from regular bars of soap. They usually leave my skin dry, rough and itchy. Not this soap.. It felt like silk while I was scrubbing with it, had great lather and the smell was divine! Afterwards, my skin was silky soft and not dry or itchy. What amazed me was while drying off after using it for the first time was the amount of dead skin that came off of my body!!! I have never had this happen before. It was amazing and the scent lingered for hours as well.
Now, the lotion is just as heavenly. It is not greasy, absorbs completely and nourishes the skin. The scent is light but noticeable and lingers as well. My hubby works as a grounds keeper and his nose gets burned daily. He was complaining about it and I put some of this lotion on it and he had instant relief.
I would highly recommend these products to all that are looking for great bath and body luxuries. Havens is like a heaven on earth!
Jeanette Reed